Would Like to Meet

Would Like to Meet

Cast: 4M 5F (1F plays 2 parts)
Genre: Farce
Length: Full

Kenneth Marx owns the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Dating Agency and he is in a lot of trouble. He owes money to everyone and has borrowed money from a local gangster and loan shark, which he is unable to pay back. The Gangster, Ronnie Dixson and his mental sidekick Methil Mick show up with illicit some items for Kenneth to store for them till the debt is paid. The other problem that Kenneth has is that his agency has no male clients and only three female ones. His female clients are each looking for a very particular type of mate, they are respectively a saint a superman and twins.

Enter Kenneth’s brother Stanley, the white sheep of the family, Stanley is drawn into Kenneth’s increasingly desperate attempts to keep all his clients happy, to keep the gangsters from killing him, to keep the police from finding the illicit items and to keep Kenneth’s wife from finding out anything at all.

To request a perusal copy of this play, please contact Bruce.
To perform this play, please submit a Performing Rights request .

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